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The Poseidon Seminars are an annual event, where all those interested in debating and discussing the future of both Britain’s own nuclear deterrent, and the global prospects for a nuclear weapons-free world, can come together in serious intellectual discussion and debate.  The huge costs of refitting Trident and the question of who will pay for it, and whether this money could be more usefully spent, are among the many topics to debate in earnest.  We anticipate that these seminars will include MOD officials, political representatives, peace campaigners and diplomats.

IIPSGP has already run over 30 meetings in the UK House of Lords which have from time to time also touched on these concerns. Now is the time however to have a serious debate which can encompass all opinions on the matter and see if any intelligent consensus can begin to emerge, ranging from the CND position of total nuclear disarmament, to the Conservative government’s policy of refitting out a whole new generation of nuclear submarines to replace the aging Trident fleet. The purpose of the Poseidon Seminars is to hold a high level discussion on the pros and cons of each possible approach and see if real clarity and agreement can be reached.

The event is hosted by the Centre for Peace Policy Studies, a new think tank based now at the Castle of the Muses, which is the first research organisation in the world to focus on peace policy rather than military or strategic or intelligence policy. In a world where the simplicity of superpower confrontations, and polarised cold war politics, have been replaced by more sophisticated multicultural and multi-religious tensions and conflicts, what kind of peace policy might be useful or advantageous in relation to the future of nuclear weapons ? What kind of tools or “weapons” do we need to re-build peace and trust between nations and cultures and religions, in the contemporary world ? These are some of the questions we shall be asking.  The Convenor of the Seminar is Dr Thomas Clough Daffern, Director of the Centre for Peace Policy Research,  a philosopher and educator with a PhD in Transpersonal History from the University of London, who has taught at the Universities of London and Oxford.

Venue Information

The Castle of the Muses, home to CEPPR and the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP), is situated on Loch Goil, which is one of the deep sea lochs near to where the British Independent Nuclear deterrent is based. The submarines can be glimpsed in the Loch from time to time.  To find the Castle take the road to Rest and be Thankful then go on down to Carrick Castle, alongside Loch Goil, Argyll, PA24 8AG. Jut go on 150 metres past the older building of Carrick Castle and you come to a right turn signed “Castle of the Muses” up a wooded drive.  Public transport by bus is also available from Glasgow or Glasgow airport direct to Carrick Castle.
Admission to the day is by donation. Space available for overnight stays by special arrangement.

Please telephone 01301 703053 to book, or email iipsgp@educationaid.net

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