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The Centre for Peace Policy Research is a new project of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy launched in  2009. This work consolidates and extends the sustained interested shown by IIPSGP  in formulating, articulating and advocating a rational peace policy for the UK, Europe and globally.  The enormous costs of not having thought through a serious peace policy has become all too apparent in recent years.

Founded in 1991 at the end of the Cold War, IIPSGP began its life as a project of the University of London.  It is an educational research institute that specialises in peace making and comparative religion and the scientific study of the role of ideas in society. It has organised over 33 meetings in the UK House of Lords to bring together MPs, Peers and NGO leaders to discuss the links between ethics and policy. IIPSGP is at the forefront of research and education on all aspects of global philosophical and ethical debates, interfaith research, and the in depth study of dialogue for concerted approaches to solving global problems involving both scientific and spiritual paradigms.

CEPPR will attempt to tackle the enormous vacuum created by the lack of serious debate in the UK and among its allies in thinking through the long term prospects of a peaceful international order. The UK and USA are competent at fighting military campaigns and winning conventional wars, but have failed abysmally to build long term peace, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problems of continuing mortality rates in Afghanistan on all sides, shows up the glaring lacuna of any serious thinking within UK government circles of a long term peace policy. The discussion about levels of military aid and equipment being made available to UK forces in Afghanistan, although important, is actually missing the real issues concerning this war, in IIPSGP’s opinion. An Afghan Peace Plan is currently under development.

The Centre for Peace Policy Research is located close to the Faslane nuclear submarine base and Coulport Mountains in Scotland, where the entire nuclear weapons arsenal of the UK are stored. It is also close by the Faslane Peace Camp which since 1982 has campaigned to have this base converted to peaceful purposes and to highlight the moral and scientific issues raised by nuclear weapons development and deployment and use.

 Further information on all aspects of CEPPR and IIPSGP is available at www.educationaid.net

The IIPSGP1 YouTube channel also carries much material of direct relevance to the work of CEPPR.

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