IIPSGP Peace Plan for Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territories 21 July 2014

The International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy is proposing a 19 Point Peace Plan for Gaza and Palestine and Israel, which has arisen out of the ongoing tragedy of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially Gaza, and the need to solve this situation once and for all, to the benefit of everyone involved. The proposal is fair and just to all sides in this conflict and would provide a long term solution to redress the struggle at root source. It can be regarded as an application of a methodology of creative non-violence and equity-creation, reducing fear and insecurity on all sides, and providing a deep-seated security structure for a lasting and permanent peace between two independent, secure, non-violent, autonomous and sovereign states, Israel and Palestine.


The proposer, Dr Thomas Clough Daffern, is a dual Canadian-British citizen living in Scotland, UK, who has travelled and taught in over 30 countries worldwide and is Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the Middle East. He is also Director, International institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP), European coordinator, International Philosophers for Peace and the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide (IIPPNO) and Chair, Commonwealth Interfaith Network. He holds a doctorate in the transpersonal history of interfaith peace studies from the University of London. www.educationaid.net  email: iipsgp@educationaid.net


PRESS RELEASE : Why We Need A Peace Policy for Syria


CEPPR releases report on solution to Syria crisis

SCOTLAND (26 March 2013) – The Centre for Peace Policy Research has released its third research report on the need for an agreed international peace policy. This pioneering work is an attempt to define a new field of international diplomacy, called “Peace Policy”. It seeks to apply the ideas behind this new field of practical diplomacy to the test case of the civil war raging inside Syria. The book gives practical as well as theoretical suggestions as to how we can end the stalemate inside Syria and advocates some practical steps that can be taken immediately.

Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern is a philosopher, historian, poet, author, lecturer, musician, thinker, educator, consultant and peace studies specialist. He was awarded his PhD from the University of London for a thesis which explores the history of the search for peace from 1945-2001 and which proposes a new field of historiography, Transpersonal History, as the best way to establish a rigorous discourse on peace among rival and contending spiritual and intellectual traditions, currently battling for hegemony on the planet. He is Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy which works across many academic fields to bring together all those with an interest in and a commitment towards the study of peace and philosophy on all levels of the personal and global and to applying the qualities of love and wisdom to the resolution of the problems and tensions of today’s world. IIPSGP arose out of a feasibility study which Thomas undertook for the University of London into the proposed establishment of an Institute of Peace Studies (from 1989-1992).

In 2011 Dr Daffern established the Centre for Peace Policy Research in Argyll, Scotland as the first such academic centre in the world to be devoted exclusively to thinking through the ways and means that we as a planet can advance serious, intelligent, holistic and multidisciplinary thinking about peace creation in our social and political conflicts worldwide. The Centre for Peace Policy Research advocates alternatives to militarism as the way forward for all men and women of good will worldwide, and believes that an intelligence peace policy is possible, not just for Scotland and the UK, but for the planet as a whole.

Additional information about the Centre for Peace Policy Research and the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy can be found at http://www.educationaid.net

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